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Bill Johnson once stated, “I will not change my theology based on my experience but I will constantly seek to change my experience to match his word.”

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By no means am I suggesting that they are perfect but they were perfectly selected to raise my sister and I by the Lord.

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I do not share these things to complain but to testify; that every storm in life has a miracle in it.

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Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there. For this man however, it was an early Fathers Day, for sure! I received a wonderful gift by watching my wife take her first public steps in ministry. This past Sunday, on Mothers Day morning, my lovely wife, Angie, spoke her first message. It […]

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My phone rang early on Thursday morning. The voice on the other end of the line was cracking and crying. The noises & voices in the background were clues that this was not going to be a call of good news. The sounds were unintelligible but the voice was recognizable. It was my eldest daughter […]