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First, when we are Overwhelmed, when the problem is bigger than we are. The people of Jerusalem wanted to rebuild but the problem seemed greater than they were. The walls had been destroyed for so long, where would they start? Where would they get the materials to build? Who would do the work? We become […]

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Lastly, apathy is created when we are overcome. Webster’s dictionary defines overcome as “to get the better of”. Many of us have had situations that have gotten the better of us. The result is that we cannot see beyond our present circumstances. The problem has overcome us to the point that we can see what […]

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Secondly, we become apathetic to our situation when we are overspent. To be overspent means that we owe more than we have the resources to pay. This happens in every arena of life. In our marriages, our employment, our relationships, our finances, etc. when we are overspent, the requirement to meet the need is greater […]

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Nehemiah fought against more than just the enemies of Israel when he returned to rebuild the walls, he dealt with the apathy of a nation. For over 150 years the war torn walls of Jerusalem & the ashes of the city gates were constant reminders of the failures of their fathers. Every day that past […]

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Nehemiah faced a tremendous task. He was a butler not a builder and now he has taken it upon himself to rebuild what has been destroyed for over 150 years. He has never seen the walls. He has never been to the city. He has never undertaken anything like this before yet here he is […]