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It is the first step off the ledge that is the toughest but once you commit, the rest is simple.

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In each of our lives there are a multitude of voices that clamor for our attention. Trying to acknowledge each one will lead to trouble.

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A drowning man will not listen to your suggestions! Love must come before lectures. As leaders we must give people the freedom to fail successfully.

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It was that defeat that spurred Roger to focus on his quest to be the first man to break the four minute mile barrier. He set a plan, trained with a purpose and set the goal.

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I just returned from the “Get Motivated” seminar at the HP Pavilion, where various motivational speakers gather to encourage you to get to the next level. These true life leaders impart to you how to improve physically, financially, professional but most importantly spiritually by a living relationship with Jesus Christ.   The who’s who of […]