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Question #2
5 years, 9 months ago 0

Where Am I From? This question is not one of ethnicity but of heritage. Ethnicity stops at your nationality, Heritage goes back to your origin. Origin focuses on original source. No matter who your earthly parents are, they did not originate you. You were created first in the mind of God first before your parents […]

Question #1
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Who Am I? This is a question of Identity. From the foundations of the world mankind has had a battle with their identity. Satan’s temptation of Adam & Eve dealt directly with their identity, or lack of it. He promised them that if they ate of the tree of knowledge that they would indeed become […]

Original Intent
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“The greatest tragedy of life is not death but life without purpose.” ~ Myles Munroe   In order to die empty, one must know their purpose. Purpose is simply the original intent of a thing. Every manufacturer creates a product to answer a certain demand. They have an idea or intent to create a product […]

5 years, 11 months ago 0

“The richest place on earth is neither the diamond mines of Africa, the oil fields of Iraq nor the gold mines of Alaska. The riches place on earth is the cemetery.” ~ Dr. Myles Munroe   There is no more powerful statement than that. Dr. Munroe’s conclusion is based on the fact the cemeteries do […]

Purpose over Plans
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Like most High School seniors I had a plan of where I was going after school. Despite my parent’s persistence that I think about ministry, that was out because I wasn’t even saved at the time. Besides, ministers don’t make any money. I wanted to become an airplane mechanic. My plan was set.   You […]