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Dominion Stealers
4 years, 11 months ago 2
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God will not bless or develop what is left untended. He doesn’t like overgrowth. God wants growth but wants it to be maintained in the process. That is why He didn’t develop the whole world, just the garden. There was no point in developing the whole earth when there was no man to take care […]

Show Up
5 years ago 1
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Many believers think hard work is a curse. We use the account of Genesis 3 where the ground is cursed & from the sweat of our brow we will bring forth a harvest. We view work as part of the fallen nature. We think work as another four-letter cuss word. We view it as something […]

God Is A Worker
5 years ago 0
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In the church today work is viewed through the eyes of the curse. Work is a four letter curse word to the church yet it was God’s first thing He gave to man. It is not in God’s nature to be lazy. Even greater than that is that God was the 1st worker in all […]

Created To Work
5 years, 1 month ago 0
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Dominion is not you’re just your ability it is your authority. God gave Adam dominion them He gave him something else . . . a job. This is before the fall, before Eve, before the curse & the Serpent showed up. Before God gave Adam a wife, children or a home, He gave Adam a […]

You were not just born you were created.
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You were not just born you were created. You are the product of the mind of God, Himself. In fact, you weren’t just created by God you were created OF God. When God formed man out of the dust of the ground then He lent His breath to man only. In doing so God was […]