Leadership Is Environment

Leadership Is Environment
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David created an environment wherever he went. From the pastures filled with sheep to a cave filled with men, David didn’t allow his surroundings to define him. The greatness inside of David always pushed through the environment he was in. Like a seed buried in the dirt pushing through toward daylight, David’s greatness always pushed through & grew in every environment he was placed in.

It was David’s success on the battlefield that drew men to him, but it was his unique ability to shift atmospheres that grew men through him. Leadership according to John Maxwell, is described as influence. I would never argue with Dr Maxwell. I do believe that Leadership is also environment. Certain leaders carry around a certain environment that causes others to grow. Leaders can expedite & help the same people grow that had been dormant in other environments.

An apple seed sitting in a drawer is still an apple seed. Although it hasn’t germinated in that environment, it still has the potential of orchards inside of it. Too many times we criticize the seed for not growing rather than the environment it is in. Leadership has the ability to shift environments and help release the potential in them. David could take the seeds (men) rejected by Saul & turn them into mighty men because he, too, had been rejected or ignored and became a giant killer.



There are three truths about seeds.

  • Know its purpose.

You cannot plant an orange seed then get angry because the seed doesn’t produce apples. Our Creator has already determined the potential inside each of us. He has placed it in our inception. Leadership has the ability to recognize what kind of seed it is planting & in what season to plant it. Knowing the type of seed determines the timing on when to plant it. Every seed has a different environment that it thrives in. Pineapples & oranges thrive in heat & humidity while colder climates support potatoes & pumpkins. Know your seed & your seasons.

Stop getting mad at the seed for producing what it is. Don’t place a worker in the role of a performer. They will not only fail, but they will give up as well. Success for a worker looks different than success for a performer. You cannot judge a orange because it is not as yellow as a banana. There must be a different criteria, not for faithfulness, but to identify fruitfulness. Use the right criteria to measure each persons success.


  • Get it in the right environment.

There is a true story of a plant thought to be extinct for over 2000 years called a Judean Date Palm, until archeologist uncovered a couple petrified seeds in the tomb of a Egyptian prince. The seeds had sat there in this unforgiving environment for over 2000 years. Once taken out of that environment & placed in a more suitable one, this once extinct plant germinated & released what it was created to be.

The right environment is vital in order for a seed to germinate. The same is true of mankind. Like a fish out of water or a plant removed from the dirt, Man was created for the environment of God. It is vital that we get people into the right atmosphere in order to release their potential inside of them. Some respond to sandy soil while others respond well to clay. Some like sun while other wilt from its rays. Each plant is different, but each has a purpose. They need the right environment in order to release what is in them.

Some plants need more fertilizer than others to grow. There is something in fertilizer that possesses the right chemicals to release the potential in the seed. Fertilizer, in its simplest form, is simply . . . crap. It takes some people to go through more crap in life in order to release the potential inside of them. If you can deal with the smelly leader, the harvest can be a great one. As the Leader or gardener, we are responsible to get the right seed into the right environment to help them release their potential.


  • Give them time.

This is probably the hardest one to do. How do we know it is working? How do we know they are growing? So much of growth happens underground first that we don’t necessarily see the progress. A good root system is vital in order for the plant to survive. At first, all the seed does is take. Watering, weeding, sunlight, fertilizer and all the seed does is lay there. It can be frustrating at first. Your first instinct is to dig it up & plant another one but wait!

Then suddenly it happens . . . you see the dirt being pushed back. Something starts to emerge from the soil. All your time & efforts are about to pay off, it hasn’t produced a fruit yet, but you can see progress. In leadership, all we want to see is a little progress to know we are making a difference. Don’t give up. Give the seed time to become what it was intended to be in the environment you have provided. Trust & give them time to grow.


If the seed isn’t growing, change the environment. Same seed, different environment.



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