The David Culture Leadership

The David Culture Leadership
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What is the David Culture?

The David Culture is the lifestyle that David instituted wherever he went. Like various nationalities have cultures, a certain way of living, David had his own culture as well. The David Culture. Whether it was the open space of a pasture with sheep or the confines of a cold, damp cave, David transformed & impacted his surroundings. He had this ability to bring the David culture no matter his environment.

David Culture Takes the Assignment Seriously, no matter what it is. 

David took his job seriously. In the pasture, the sheep were more than his assignment; they were his calling. David turned the pasture into his palace. He ruled the open space. The pasture was his kingdom & the sheep, were his subjects. There was no way one of his subjects would be lost on David’s watch. He was not just responsible to count the sheep but David realized that his sheep counted on him. To David, no job was insignificant. His role as a shepherd was vital to the families overall well being & success. Like an accountant for a Fortune 500 company, David watched over the assets of his father with great care.

At every level of his progression, David took his job seriously. Whether it was watching sheep, delivering pizzas, facing giants, being King Saul’s personal iPod or mercenary, David gave it his all at every level. Don’t expect doors to open at another level when you can’t give your best at your current level. What you do & how you do it today becomes your resume tomorrow.

David served at every level with excellence.

David Culture Recognizes No Job is too small.

We know the story of how David was anointed King by Samuel. Samuel anoints the youngest of Jesse’s sons & then something strange happens . . . David returned to the pasture to watch the sheep! He is a king watching the sheep. The assignment doesn’t equal the anointing. His anointing changed but his assignment has not. What do you do when your anointing is greater than your assignment? You do what the David Culture does, you serve.

When a war with the Philistine’s breaks out, the newly anointed king isn’t even invited to be part of King Saul’s army. Once again, left out & uninvited. “Don’t they they realize I have been anointed!” David must be screaming. There he is watching a group of sheep while his brothers serve the current king at the battle lines. David is then instructed by his father to take some supplies to his brothers on the frontlines. The anointed king has gone from a shepherd boy to a delivery boy.

Imagine, if you will, David refusing his dad’s request. “Don’t you know who I am? Were you not there when the Prophet Samuel anointed me King?” You are in trouble when you have to remind people of your anointing. David did nothing of the kind, instead he did what his father asked him to do. This small job ended up leading him to his defining moment. No job is too small when you are anointed.

David Culture Builds for the long haul.

I do not believe for a minute that David used this job as a stepping-stone to build his resume. He didn’t chase down a lion or bear so he could brag about it later. That is just what shepherds do; they protect their flocks. He didn’t tweet it, Facebook or snap chat it, he simply did it. Never work an assignment as a stepping-stone. When I was a youth pastor, I thought I would die being one. When I was a single adults pastor I thought I would retire as one. Each & every ministry I was ever assigned to I worked as if I would die in that position. I never worked a ministry as a stepping-stone. Any job you work, work it with longevity in mind, so that way you build something that last.

Although anointed for something greater, David returned to the pasture to continue to care for the sheep he had been entrusted. You might possess an anointing for something greater, but your must fulfill you calling in the now. Believe for the next while building for the now.

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