David Culture Leadership Part 2

David Culture Leadership Part 2
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David Culture gives its best no when non one is looking.

It didn’t matter if it was the teeth of a lion or the claws of a bear, David was going to protect his sheep. His commitment to carry out a task included putting himself in harms way. This was way more than a job to him; it was his commission. Being a shepherd was a thankless & lonely job. There was no applause from men or pats on the back. His private battles set him up for his public victories.

David showed up every day to work. His faithfulness opened up opportunities. The fact that David showed up daily open the door for promotion. His victories against the lion, a bear & Goliath would not have been possible had he not been faithful to showing up to work each day.

David Culture views problems through the lenses of opportunity.

What most people would call problems, the David Culture views them as opportunities. The bear & lion would be problems for most people. A nine-foot tall giant would be a problem for most people. A crazy king bent on pinning me to a wall with a spear would be a problem for most people. David viewed obstacles as opportunities for God to show up & show off. We are known by the giants we face, but we are made famous by the giants we kill.

While others retreated in fear when they heard the voice of Goliath, it caused David to run to the front lines. What scared others, stirred David up. David was willing to shift the atmosphere, not reflect it. Was he afraid? Probably. Most likely. However, the king in him would not allow this injustice to go on any longer. Remember, the darker the night, the more opportunity to shine.

David Culture Stays Focused

It is not that we are not talented enough or committed enough to accomplish the task; it is just there are so many things to distract us. The same was true of David. When he got to the battlefield after delivering the supplies, his brother began to engage him. Still stinging from the rejection of Samuel as the new king, his older brother is now attacking young David. Eliab’s jealousy is blinding him to the deliverance that now stands in front of him.

David could get off track & begin a conflict with his oldest brother, but he realizes there is a bigger issue at hand. Many of us miss our Goliath moments because we are too busy fighting with family. We can’t kill the enemy when we are too busy wrestling with our own brothers in Christ. Don’t get caught up in petty conflicts that distract you from your Goliath promotion. Stay focused!

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