David Culture Leadership Part 3

David Culture Leadership Part 3
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David Culture has high honor for leadership.

After defeating Goliath, the Bible states that David became Saul’s armorbearer. He loved Saul. It is hard to serve someone we do not love. Love is a choice, not a feeling. His job was now to protect the king. This is why I believe David had such a difficult time ever lifting his hand against Saul. He had dedicated so much of his life protecting King Saul that it went against his instincts to now kill who he once protected. Whether it was a spear thrown from Saul’s hand or an army led by Saul to hunt him down David learned to run faster than Saul could pursue.

On a couple occasions,  David had opportunities to kill Saul & take the throne. No one would have batted an eye or complained. I even think Jonathan,  Saul’s son, would have considered it an act of self-defense. However, David would not lift his hand against God’s anointed.

In fact, David so valued the position of leadership that he kills a messenger who brings him Saul’s crown & wristband claiming to have finished King Saul off as well as two men who killed Saul’s son that ruled after Saul. David understood that leadership & the anointing it carried were not to be trifled with. David had great respect for the position even when he lost respect for the person.

David Culture celebrated diversity.

There is a story in the Bible where David’s camp is raided & the possession of himself & all his men are taken. David pursues them, tracks them down & recovers all that was taken. In the process about 200 men become tired & weary and could not go on. Upon completing the task & returning with what was taken those who went on didn’t want to share in the spoils with those who stayed behind. David did not allow that. He realized that those who stayed behind had played a vital role as those who put in on the line. Equal share was kept. David realized that everyone was important & vital to the cause.

Recognize everyone has different gifts. Give those who have a different talent an opportunity to serve. Not everyone can sing, administrate or teach but all can play a role. It is up to leaders to validate & acknowledge the importance of the diversity of gifts in the body of Christ. Be inclusive & give everyone a chance to be useful to the kingdom.

David Culture sets people up for success

Many of the struggles in leadership is when those you depend on let you down. It can be frustrating when they don’t show up, come unprepared, are unaccountable & cause more problems for you than they solve. It is enough to give up on the idea of leadership all together. When David became the recognized king of Israel, the Bible states that the men of the tribe of Gad joined him. The book of 1 Chronicles 12:14 stated;

“These warriors from Gad were army commanders. The weakest among them could take on a hundred regular troops, and the strongest could take on a thousand!”

David knew which men could handle a 100 or which could handle 1000. As leaders, it is vital that we don’t assign a 100 man leader to a 1000 man problem. It is not that the 100 man isn’t gifted, he just isn’t able to deal with such a large problem. Sending a 100 man to deal with a 1000 man issue will breed insecurity & produce failure. Likewise, don’t send the 1000 man to deal with a 100 man issue otherwise, he will end up getting bored & giving up. Set people up for success, not failure.

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