David Culture Leadership Part 4

David Culture Leadership Part 4
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David Culture doesn’t just count people it, counts on them

David ranked his men. In fact, the Bible states that David had a top three & a top thirty. These men each had unique abilities. It is evident that David ranked these men much like the NCAA. It ranks football teams based on wins & losses. David knew who was mighty & who was not. He took time not just to count them, but he counted on them. It wasn’t a matter of favoritism as much as it was a matter reliability & productivity.

In this age of equality, we have placed a higher value on faithfulness over fruitfulness. In order to be a leader, you can’t have one without the other. Faithfulness is not an option, but nor is fruitfulness, especially in leadership. Jesus Himself only took three with Him to the mountain of transfiguration & the healing of Jairus’ daughter. The other disciples, although called & gifted were not invited. While the three enjoyed seeing Moses & Elijah, the nine were left dealing with a stubborn demon.

The Bible has no problem stating that although each was talented, some just didn’t measure up to others. Competition is not a bad thing. Iron sharpens iron. Striving to be our best while celebrating others can be a healthy thing. Sometimes knowing your limitations & accepting the strengths of your teammates is vital. Not everyone is a Michael Jordan, but you can be a Scotty Pippen or a Dennis Rodman.  Be the best you can be.

David Culture creates its own momentum.

It is lonely at the top. Leadership can have its advantages at times, but more times than not, it is a thankless position. One moment people are carrying you on their shoulders, the very next moment they are trying to trample you under their feet. The very voices that cried out “Hosanna” are now crying out “Crucify Him!” David knew the ebb & flow of leadership. The men that cheered him against Goliath want to stone him in Ziklag, but the Bible states that David “encouraged himself in the Lord.” (1 Samuel 30:6)

In leadership, we must create our atmosphere when the climate around us has changed. David knew the key to leadership was momentum. In leadership, there are very few people around you who will encourage you when things are bad. Knowing how to encourage yourself & create momentum is vital.

Dan McCollam said one time that it is great to ride the wave of the spirit of God, but it is even better to create your own wave. Too many people are settling for being an echo instead of a voice. David wasn’t that person. He had the ability to create his own momentum. He understood the key to encouraging himself in the Lord when no one else would. Sometimes the most important person you will lead . . . is yourself.

David Culture develops, not just duplicates.

David finds himself on the run from King Saul in a cave called Adullam. Caves were used for defecating, tombs & a hide out for criminals. David finds himself anointed as a king, but on the run like a fugitive. He is hiding out from Saul when 400 men who were “distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented,” found him. Saul couldn’t find him but these in “distressed, debt & discontent” men did. Surrounded by the 400 men, David takes time to develop them.

I have heard many people say over the years to duplicate yourself in others. In fact, it is a term I have used as well but it is neither practical nor recommended. Duplication reproduces what we are, it doesn’t develop the individual gifts & talents around you. Duplication has high value for being the same way, while development values the individual’s gifts & uniqueness. God has created each & everyone of us with a unique skill set and purpose. David developed these men who could use a spear, a bow, a sword or their bare hands.

Learn to embrace the individual strengths & develop them. Duplicating ourselves guarantees the same strengths, but it also promotes the same weaknesses. Like any good team, each player possesses a different strength in order to make the team better. The David Culture recognizes these abilities & develops them.

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