Breaking Through Barriers

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Barriers are every where, on the roads, airports, stadiums, etc. They are designed to stop people or motorist from gaining access to certain restricted areas. Some barriers are temporary, others are permanent. However, the hardest barrier to overcome is not a physical one but a mental one.


Prior to May 6th,1954 the idea of running a sub four minute mile was consider impossible. Many world class runners and athletes attempted the feat only to falter. That is until Roger Bannister turned his greatest disappointment into his biggest triumph.


In 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, Roger ran in the mile competition and came in fourth, out of medal contention. This was huge dissappointment. It was that defeat that spurred Roger to focus on his quest to be the first man to break the four minute mile barrier. He set a plan, trained with a purpose and set the goal.



Being no man had ever accomplish the feat, Roger had to strategize in order to accomplish the goal. So he found two men to serve as his pace runners. These men would be there to set the pace. They would each need to run a half mile under two minutes. Once the first runner finished, the second fresh runner would the set the pace. As long as Roger kept up with them over the one mile course his goal could be reached.


We all need pace setters that can help us reach & breakthrough our previous barriers. We cannot run alone nor do we. As we daily read the word of God, find ourselves running this race with pace setters like Paul, Peter, Daniel, Abraham and Elijah. They set the pace to help us break our personal barriers.


This historic event took place on 6 May, 1954 at Iffley Road Track in Oxford. It was watched by about 3,000 spectators. The conditions were not perfect with 25 mile an hour winds but Bannister did not allow the conditions to determine his destiny. There will never be perfect conditions to break thorugh a barrier. Two other runners, Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway, provided pacing while completing the race. Both went on to establish their own track careers. When the gun had sounded Roger Bannister had become the first man to ever break the four minute mile barrier at a 3:59:4.


Since that time, every world class distance runner can run a sub four minute mile. In fact, just 46 days later another runner John Landy broke Roger’s record at 3:57:9.  What was impossible for years, once the barriers were broken, the four minute mile became the standard not the barrier.


Every barrier we breakthrough today will become a gateway for the next generation tomorrow. Breakthrough the barriers. Carve new paths. Release new opportunities.

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