The Perfect Storm – Releasing Greatness

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Has a passion to do something great ever burned within you? A strong desire to start a business, get your degree, start a non-profit or just plain make a difference in someone else’s life? Have you ever felt the desire to leap from the decks of security into the storm of uncertainty?


In depths of our souls lies a desire to make our lives count. The desire to be great came from God Himself. When the disciples inquired as to which was the greatest, Jesus did not rebuke them, Him instructed them on how to be great.


When Peter observed Jesus walking on the water something happened on the inside. A revelation, an epic moment in time released him into the Jesus Zone. What was unthinkable just moments earlier now became the norm. He saw his mentor producing what He was proclaiming. Peter’s passion was stirred when he saw Jesus doing the incredible.



What releases greatness?


1.       When we see it modeled

When I attend a conference or read a book about what other men of God are doing I have two choices; I can respond with jealousy or excitement. Watching others overcome obstacles should inspire us to greatness. Peter witness Jesus authority over the water and caused him to ask for an invitation to be included in the miracle. What he saw opened his eyes to a new realm of possibilities.


2.       When we take a chance

I do not believe that it was not a desire to be great that caused Peter to jump out of the boat. Peter’s leap out of the boat in the midst of the storm was not a leap of faith as much as a proactive response to God’s invitation. With the simple invitation of “Come” all the laws of nature & physics were transformed to make the impossible possible. Despite the invitation, Peter could never walk on water until he took a chance and jumped out of the boat.


3.       When we are free to fail successfully

Peter’s historical sink job has caused many Theologians to mock & judge his failure. However, the reality is Peter walked on the water twice, once walking toward Jesus & the next when he walked back to the boat with Jesus. Notice that Jesus gave Peter the freedom to fail successfully. He saves him first then corrects him. Many times we give lectures to people who are sinking. A drowning man will not listen to your suggestions! Love must come before lectures. As leaders we must give people the freedom to fail successfully.


4.       When we have someone willing to correct & confront

Only after saving him does Jesus confront Peter, “Ye of little faith, why did you doubt?” Only Peter received this personal lesson. In one moment Jesus identifies the root cause and solution to his failure. John Maxwell states that, “Experience is not the best teacher, evaluated experience is.” If we do not take time to evaluate our mistakes and learn from them then we are destined to repeat the failure over & over again. We all need a coach to help us excel.


Greatness is not an aspiration, it is your nature.

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